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What is my Marketing Plan:

I will assist you with pricing our home based on the competitive market analysis. This will help us set the best price on your home so that it will sell within your time frame. HOME MEASUREMENT/FLOOR PLAN. I will have your home professionally measured by an appraiser and the floor plan drawn. We can use this for marketing on the back of the brochure and on internet. It is also great to market the exact square footage. RELOCATION PROGRAM. Information on your property will be put in The Group's Relocation Packages that will go to major employers. This will increase your exposure to Relocation buyers. Last year, one in four buyers was relocating to Colorado! SHOWING FOLLOW-UP SYSTEM. I will follow-up weekly with Realtors who are showing in your price range to generate more traffic to your home. I will let you know how many Realtors I spoke with or emailed your property to. HOME VIDEO. I will have your home professionally shot for a video. Your home video will be available on several different websites including,, YouTube, Facebook and many more. I will give you maximum exposure to your home especially since 80% of buyers start their home search on the internet. CUSTOM COLOR BROCHURES. I will have your home professionally photographed and custom color brochures made containing important information on your home. LOCK BOX. I will have a lock box installed on your home. I use electronic lock boxes so that we track any and all traffic going through your home. This will provide you with the security of always knowing who is going through your home. MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE (MLS). Your home will be entered into the MLS, giving your home exposure to every Realtor in Colorado. INTERNET. Your home will be on over 10 different websites to help market your home! THE SOURCE. Your home will be featured in the The Source magazine that has a distribution of over 50,000 in Northern Colorado. This will also increase visibility of your home. TOUR. Your home will be toured by Group Partners. This first and critically important showing will give us feedback on your home from some of the best professionals in the industry as well as introducing your home to the market. MAIL TO NEIGHBORS. Postcards will be mailed to all of your neighbors and my client list in case we have anyone who is looking to move or knows of someone looking to move into your area. COUNTER DISPLAY. I will prepare an informational notebook with all demographic information, schools, average utilities, homeowner's association, the pre-inspection, contract information, etc. This will help give the buyers confidence to write. SHOWING FEEDBACK. I will call you with any and all showing feedback and also email you directly the feedback that is sent to me. TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT TEAM. Our full-time transaction management team looks after all of the details of the transaction in order to make sure we close on time. Over 90% of contracts we have close on time compared to the industry average of 50%. Our team includes a full time assistant, our receptionist team, an escrow office team of 3, our managing broker (who does not sell), and myself. WEEKLY CONTACT. I will contact you every Tuesday to update you on weekend traffic and showing from the past week. I will also send you any internet traffic we had and let you know how many realtors I communicated your property to. SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING. I will market your home on Facebook with ads that will pop up for people looking in your area. I will also feature your property on my Instagram pages.


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